Refresher Courses

If you have a license or cerfticate lapsed or due to expire, then you need to attend a refresher course in FSTC Europe. Even if your license has not expired but you just need to "brush-up" your skills, FSTC Europe is the right place to be.

Our refresher courses will give you the training you need to bring your flying skills back and become current active once again!


ATR 42/72-500

If you have a lapsed ATR license, or if you wish to enhance your knowledge, FSTC Europe will provide you with the ATR 42/72-500 Refresher Course. 


B737Cl and B737 NG refresher Courses are provided by FSTC Europe. You may contact us in order to provide more inromation. 


FSTC Europe gives you the opportunity to renew your Airbus A320 Type Rating wityh one of our highly experienced Flight Instructors.

DASH 8 Q-400

Haven't flown for some time and you want to see those props turn again? Contact FSTC Europe and we will provide you with the Refresher course you require


If you want to stay current, or your license has lapsed, you can easily revalidate it at FSTC Europe. Just drop us a call and we will help you!