Are you the one you dream to fly and travel around the world as a Captain of an Airline or a Business Jet? Have you ever thought that you may just be one step before you make your dream comes true? FSTC Europe is your partner in this dream!

FSTC EUROPE offers complete Pilot Training from A to Z. We will guide you through all the essential steps in order for you to become a Complete Aviator!

You may choose between FSTC Europe INTEGRATED or MODULAR Course to achieve your target.

The FSTC Europe ATP (A) INTEGRATED Course, is the most appropriate way, for any candidate who has a dedicated time (between 18 to 20 months) to study as a full time In-House trainee. Upon Completion of this Course the New Pilot will be able to unrestrictedly fly alone (as a Pilot in Command - PIC) Day and Night, under Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) or Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC). With the FSTC Europe ATP (A) INTEGRATED Course, he/she will be fully ready to join an Airline or a Private Operator and continue with his/her TYPE RATING Training (such as A-320, B-737 etc or any Business Jet).

FSTC EUROPE MODULAR Courses are mainly addressed to candidate pilots who don’t have the adequate time to attend the FSTC Europe ATP (A) INTEGRATED Course. So, it is preferable to start with the FSTC Europe PPL (A) Course, continue with FSTC Europe HOUR BUILT UP program and as soon as he/she completes the prerequisites he/she can join the FSTC Europe MODULAR CPL (A) Course.

Although, to become completely ready to fly under any Meteorological Condition the Trainee Pilot must complete the FSTC Europe Instrument Rating - IR (A) Course and the FSTC EUROPE Night Rating - NR (A) Course.

Before the candidate, who has chosen the MODULAR way, be ready to join an Airline or any Private Operator and fly a Multi Crew Airplane (such as A-320, B-737, ATR etc. or any Business Jet), he/she has to accomplish two more MODULAR Courses

The FSTC Europe Multi Engine Piston - MEP (A) & the FSTC Europe Multi Crew Cooperation Courses will give to the Modular Trainee Pilot the “ENTRY PASS” to the Airline Magical World!